Thanks for your interest in participating in the 3nd annual virtual half marathon sponsored by BooksFromBug.  If you ran with us last year - welcome back!  If this is your first year - welcome to the family!  Between August 15, 2014 and August 21, 2014 complete 13.1 miles in either a series of walks/runs or all at once.  You do not have to prove you finished or even your speed.  We do this on the honor system.  Pictures are not required but fun to have and share with the group on Facebook! :) 

This is our only fundraiser, so if you want to participate, now's the time! :)  The goal is to move - be it walking, jogging, wogging, get the drift =). 

If bling is not your thing....participation is free =). 

If you want racing bling - the cost is $20 USD (US and Canadian address).  If you are outside the US and Canada - you are still welcome to run with us; however, the bling is $25 USD to cover the additional shipping costs. 

The entrance fee covers the cost of the medal, shipping, and the rest goes to BooksFromBug.  All payments will be accepted via PayPal.  If you use a different email address/ID for PayPal than you will be using to sign up - please let me know in the PayPal message to seller box otherwise I have no way to match it up.  Medals must be preordered and paid for by 6/30/14 midnight PDT but will not ship until early August.

So what about the bling? Our medal this year about a 3" round!

Need a tech shirt to go with that fancy medal?  We have those!  They can be ordered separately at our online store:

What is BooksFromBug you ask?  We are a non-profit charity that donates new books to schools, hospitals, shelters, etc. in memory of my daughter Halleigh aka Bug.  You can find us at - Be sure to check out her story to see why this is such a worthy event and purpose.  We are also on Facebook so be sure to friend us.

DISCLAIMER:  This is a FUN race. By signing up you are agreeing that you will run SAFELY – and wear proper gear whether reflective or sweat wicking and you will choose a safe route.  Walkers/Woggers/Joggers/Runners are to run at their own risk and ability.  You agree to hold us harmless from your voluntary participation in this FUN activity =).

So how to get started:

Step 1:  Fill out the form below and click submit.  This is what signs you up.

Step 2:  If you are running bling free you are done - thanks!

Step 3:  If you are desiring our awesome bling then click the link below, it'll take you to where you can pay, BUT you have to put in your amount!

For our US/Canada participants-- remember it's $20, 
For our outside US/Canada participants-- It's $25

Either with our without bling - thank you for running with us and celebrating our Bug! =)
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